Why your business should have community outreach programs

November 10, 2011Leave a reply

Step 71 of the Business Owners Handbook encourages business owners to establish ethics and community outreach programs early in their planning cycle, but many small business owners still question how some of these programs will help their business.

So, why am I bringing this up? I just spent last weekend at the Alzheimer Association’s Walk to end Alzheimer in Huntington Beach, and the event was packed with business teams – some not even associated with Alzheimer support or research.  Why were these companies putting the funds forward, and donating their employee time, when there was little relation back to their fields? (more…)

Out with the Old: Records You Can Toss

October 7, 2011Leave a reply

As many of you have already wrapped-up your tax returns and finding someplace to keep all of the supporting documentation, one of the questions we often here is “How long should I keep this?”.  Here’s what you need to keep and what you can throw out without fearing the wrath of the IRS.

I guess the off-the-cuff response to the question is “As long as it is relevant.”, but that doesn’t exactly help. So let’s look at specifics: (more…)

Funding Your Dreams

October 5, 2011Leave a reply

It’s all part of the American dream – come up with a good idea, borrow some money from the bank, and live comfortably on the proceeds from your own business. And with the recent downturn causing many ill-managed businesses to fold, the opportunities are plentiful.

Unfortunately, funding is not that easy to come by anymore. The number of federally guaranteed loans to Orange County small businesses plunged 34% to 128 loans in the first quarter of 2011 after the higher guarantees for lenders and fee subsidies for borrowers ended Dec. 31 (more…)